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About us

DIY gurus...

Here it is - another blog-type-web-site related to DIY guitar, tube amp and recording audio gear.

One would notice that there are probably too many of these out there and this is yet another reason for a new one to exist in the hope that it will provide something more than the others.

rock me all night long, babe....

Nope, nay, nada, not exactly?

We aim for the full experience - descriptive text, supporting image material, informative links and last, but not least - sound samples of how the finished product sounds.

We found while browsing the World Wide Web that most of the online audio DIY web sites are missing these. They do provide some reference most of the time, but we do find this insufficient for a full-fledged experience. 

We are aware that sound bytes should be taken with a grain of salt, due to the specific equipment used to record, production techniques, employed encoding, player abilities (or lack of them thereof), however, it is always MUCH BETTER to hear what you will eventually get.

pedals and more...

Who are we?

A) We are three bad ass audio electronics, sound recording, and guitar, vocal virtuoso gurus came to lead you to the sonic nirvana in three easy steps?

B) We are three kiddies with a lot of free time, Squier guitars and Zoom processors that want to create the next Axe-FX/Kemper/StarDestroyer processor that will make our Squiers sound like a bunch of Diezel, Bogner, Splawn, Mesa Boogie through AKG C12 into Neve preamps?

C) We are three chaps, passionate about guitars, tube amps, guitar effects, DIY and audio recording, rather busy with our everyday jobs, wives and kids that come to share their long way in searching the perfect tone, live or recorded, their experience and yet again passion in building things that sound great, are joy to play and listen to and can make your neighbours scream? :)

The three chaps image

See what each of us chose to share

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Jabs - Jabs and the Los Bandidos

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