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The Definite Lazy Microphone....

Being lazy sometimes equals to being creative.

Couple of days ago we discussed with Anomandrus how good it would be if there was a way to move around microphones while sitting at the mixing desk and/or playing your guitar. One thing led to another and then the crazy but simple idea was born. We salvaged from the trash a chinese toy car and with some stuff laying around Prototype One was made :o)

Now, we are perfectly aware of the fact there are such commercial products available already. True, best would be to use a toy-tank, and this would probably be Prototype Two (Synchu is writing already a veeeeery complicated command software...). There is something similar on the US market, called Rock-Tank or such... but it costs over 200 bucks. Besides, it is fun to make it yourself, and to share the invention with other crazy guys... so, enjoy :)


Closeup one













Closeup two

In front of Cab

YouTube first testing :)