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The Definite Lazy Microphone....

Being lazy sometimes equals to being creative.

Couple of days ago we discussed with Anomandrus how good it would be if there was a way to move around microphones while sitting at the mixing desk and/or playing your guitar. One thing led to another and then the crazy but simple idea was born. We salvaged from the trash a chinese toy car and with some stuff laying around Prototype One was made :o)

The definite mod of a definitely cheap Chinese Ribbon Microphone

This time, our patient is a cheapo Chinese Ribbon Mic.

Model is t-Bone RB500.

Sold (I believe) exclusively by Thomann. Basically, same as APEX 210, NADY RSM-2... etc. Same Chinese factory, same small fellas at the assembly line, just different branding. Or at least that is what Google says.....

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